Material & Print Design

At AfterNorth, we are committed to enhancing your brand’s visual strategy with our full suite of Marketing Materials. Designed to reflect your unique business identity, our materials ensure your message is communicated effectively and memorably.


Stay top-of-mind all year long with custom-designed calendars. Ideal for keeping your brand in constant view, our calendars are not only practical but stylish, tailored to reflect your brand aesthetics and ethos.

Company Profile Printouts:

Our team crafts polished company profiles that serve as the perfect complement to your business proposals. These printouts are designed to highlight your strengths and core services, packaged to impress at first glance.

Social Media Profiles:

Strengthen your online presence with expertly designed social media profiles. From eye-catching cover photos to engaging bio descriptions, we ensure your social media channels embody your brand and attract the right demographic.


Whether it’s for a promotional event, a new product launch, or general brand awareness, our flyers are designed to grab attention. Each flyer is a blend of compelling visuals and targeted messaging to ensure maximum impact.

Standup Banners:

Make your mark at trade shows and business events with our custom standup banners. Designed to be eye-catching and informative, these banners provide a professional backdrop that showcases your brand to prospects and partners.