Support | eM Client for Windows

Download and install eM Client for Windows.

Setup Email

Enter your email address, click start then enter your password and click start again.

Now enter your name and give the account a name you will recognize. Then click Next.

If you need to send PGP encrupted emails for security compliance create an encryption keypair now. Otherwise, continue without encryption. (Most users do not need PGP encryption)

If you have a large mailbox or slow internet connection you will want to uncheck download messages for offline use. Otherwise, leave it checked and click Finish.

On the next screen click to verify the IMAP and SMTP server information is as follows:

For SMTP, you can use port 465 or 587

Contacts, Calendar and Tasks Setup

Choose add account from the Accounts screen. You can get to the accounts screen from menu > Accounts

Choose Contacts or Calendar, then choose CardDav or CalDav. Either one you choose should setup both.

Now add the server address, your email address and password. Server address is:

Give it a name:


and you're done.